Finding a Manager - Finding a manager can be hard, but it can be done.

All About Classical Guitar - Many people start playing guitar back in high school but not many people start playing classical guitar until later in life.

Backing Tracks For Guitarists Benefits of Live Performances - Join us as we examine all the benefits of using guitar backing tracks to play live gigs.

The Smiths Biography And Top Songs - The Smiths are another of my favourite Manchester bands and as I have said before, you have to support your own.

Which Hand Gun Is Better For A Women - This article is about getting a handgun for women and which ones are better.

Cigars In Pop Culture - In the eyes of the general public cigars are usually depicted as a passion of the rich.

What Are Active Singles and How Do You Join Them - Active singles is a group of people who like to do things outdoors.

A Short and Smelly History of Perfume - Marie Antoinette definitely wore perfume and perfume has a long history among European royals.

Unique Dating Sites You May Not Have Heard Of - There are however a number of quality dating sites that are very targeted to a specific theme.

The Best Psychic Authors In The World - Psychic authors around the world are used to writing material that has been known to help others and to provide comforts to people that are hurting inside.

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