Teaching & Learning
Exploring Learning Styles: Developing a Flexible

The sixth annual Pedagogy Saturday was titled "Exploring Learning Styles: Developing A Flexible Teaching Approach." This all-day event was devoted to an in-depth study of how different students learn,
Polyphony: the rhythm of musical development

The teaching year has an unmistakable rhythm to it as we come to a junction where students suddenly seem to perform with more depth and sensitivity and deeper musical insight.
Essential skills for promoting a lifelong love

The question of what we mean by musical "skill" fascinates me, so I was delighted to be asked to contribute to this worthy series. Certainly, essential skills--substantial skills for a lifetime.
He collaborativeexperience

Derived from the Latin collaborate, collaborate literally means to "labor with," to work together.

How Popular Musicians Learn

Lucy Green's How Popular Musicians Learn adopts a new position on the role of popular music in music education. Much earlier literature focused.


The Perfect Wrong Note

William Westney thinks "out of the box" in his new book, which makes a case for allowing "juicy mistakes" in order to make music freely.


 Bookshelf - newly published books about African Americans

of the poor New Orleans girl who would grow up to be queen of gospel music and its greatest ambassador, by Roxane Orgil.


 the Tangled Roots of American Jazz

Highway 61 Revisited: The Tangled Roots of American Jazz, Blues, Rock and Country Music By Gene Santoro Oxford University Press


Books with character: character education builds tolerance and respect.

embarks on a dangerous journey, adventure-averse Wallace faces a tough decision. Should he do what's easy or go beyond his own comfort level to rescue a friend?