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Exploring Learning Styles: Developing a Flexible

The sixth annual Pedagogy Saturday was titled "Exploring Learning Styles: Developing A Flexible Teaching Approach." This all-day event was devoted to an in-depth study of how different students learn,
Polyphony: the rhythm of musical development

The teaching year has an unmistakable rhythm to it as we come to a junction where students suddenly seem to perform with more depth and sensitivity and deeper musical insight.
Essential skills for promoting a lifelong love

The question of what we mean by musical "skill" fascinates me, so I was delighted to be asked to contribute to this worthy series. Certainly, essential skills--substantial skills for a lifetime.
He collaborativeexperience

Derived from the Latin collaborate, collaborate literally means to "labor with," to work together.
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Anyone can get lost in the sounds of music. Our site is packed with quality music theory articles, learning music, and so much more for music enthusiasts.

Music for life base your teaching

The foundation of teaching should be close relationships. The better you know your students, the more inspired you will be to give them


Making music last beyond our lifetime

For the closing panel, moderator Rebecca Shockley invited each of the seven presenters to address the question, "What can music teachers do to keep music alive in our culture.


urn up the music: rev up participants

Music is used as a learning tool primarily in one facet of life, childhood. When we were young, we learned many life lessons through nursery


Music Informance as Embodied Service Learning

Many universities and PK-12 schools have embraced the challenge of developing new models for collaborative partnerships in the preparation


Learning with Jazz: The rich rhythms
Walk through the halls of Washington Rose Elementary School in Long Island, New York, and you find yourself enveloped by the sights and